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SAR/HAC Laboratory

 1.  Brief Introduction
SAR/HAC-RF lab was set up in 2008.
SAR/HAC-RF lab passed the CNAS 17025 lab accreditation in 2010.
Extend HAC-T coil measurement system in 2012.
Became FCC Listed lab in 2012.

SAR/HAC lab has advanced testing equipment, professional and experienced engineers, which can provide accurate and efficient R&D testing service for clients.

 2.  Test Facility and Equipment
Shielding room from ETS
DASY4 measurement system from SPEAG
HAC-RF measurement system from SPEAG
HAC-T coil measurement system from SPEAG

 3. Test Capabilities
Specific absorption rate
Hearing Aid Compatibility RF Part
Hearing Aid Compatibility T Coil Part

 4.  Test Standards
IEC 62209-1
IEC 62209-2
YD/T 1644.1
YD/T 1643
GB 21288
EN 50360
FCC Part 2.1093

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