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OTA Laboratory

 1.  Brief Introduction
First OTA chamber (the size is 4.6m*4.5m*3.1m) was set up in 2008.
OTA lab passed CNAS 17025 lab accreditation in 2010.
Second OTA chamber (the size is 14.6m*4.6m*5.2m) was set up in 2011.
OTA lab passed CTIA audit and was authorized as CATL in 2012.

OTA lab has advanced testing environment and equipment, professional and experienced testing team and flexible service mode, which can provide accurate and efficient R&D and certification testing service for clients.

 2.  Test Facility and Equipment
Fully anechoic chamber from ETS
AMS8500 measurement system from R&S/Agilent/Anritsu
AMS8600 measurement system from R&S/Agilent/Anritsu
SAM Head and Hand Phantom from SPEAG

 3.  Test Capabilities
Active Test:
Total Radiated Power (TRP)
Total Isotopic Sensitivity (TIS)
Near Horizon Partial Radiated Power (NHPRP)
Near Horizon Isotropic Sensitivity (NHPIS)
Effective Isotropic Radiated Power (EIRP)

Passive Test:
Antenna Gain
Antenna Efficiency
Antenna Radiation Pattern

 4.  Test Standards
YD/T 1484
YD/T 1977
YD/T 1978
3GPP TS25.144
GBT 9410
IEEE Std149
CTIA Test Plan for Mobile Station Over the Air Performance

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